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    Are you throwing money away? Every day people and businesses toss out products that may contain precious metals that can be reclaimed and recycled, and add to your bottom line! At Enviro-Chem, Inc., we are the precious metal recycling experts! We are the . . . "Gold And Silver Buyers!"

    Many items, such as circuit boards, lab technology, medical devices, and more, are built with precious metals, and yet, these items are discarded or recycled on a regular basis without ever reclaiming valuable precious metals. Our metal recycling services will come to you and evaluate your waste materials that may contain precious metals, with absolutely no obligation to you, and you may be surprised by what we find! If you decide you’d like regular precious metal recycling services, we can add you to our route and help add those precious dollars back to your bottom line!

    Enviro-Chem, Inc. is located in Rogers, MN and also serves surrounding areas. Don’t throw money away! Let us help save you money, as well as time, with our precious metal recycling services! Call us today at 763-428-4002 to learn more.

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    Located in Rogers, MN, Enviro-Chem, Inc. provides precious metal recycling services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Many regularly used and discarded items contain precious metals that can add to your bottom line! Call us today at 763-428-4002 to find out more about our services, including:

    * Precious Metal Recycling
    * Cash For Precious Metals
    * On-Site Processing
    * No Obligation Evaluation

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    * Licensed * Insured * Better Business Bureau * Natonal Sceince And Technology Board

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